The Element of Texture

April 14, 2017

Colors, lines and patterns are essential to providing harmony in a room, but one of the most important influences to consider is the element of texture. When planning or redesigning a space, look to textures to add subtle dimension. They help determine not only the aesthetics of a particular space, but how it feels.

Fabrics, wall coverings, furniture, pillows, rugs and architectural elements all come together to provide balance and influence scale. Layering textures is a wonderful way to work with neutrals, making contrast a key to providing visual interest.

Rougher textures lend themselves to a more intimate space, while smooth textures provide a sleek and sophisticated feel. One might be surprised at how well an inherited family treasure blends with newer and more transitional pieces. For example, an Old World European style home could immediately become interesting with unexpected contemporary art, a gilded mirror above an antique chest, a marble-top cocktail table, and a velvet-upholstered sofa with silk pillows and a fur throw. Small touches are notorious for having big impact.



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